The China Forum brings together scholars, experts, policymakers, and supporters from around the globe in an engaging environment. The conference provides a space for these leaders and influencers to participate in hard-hitting discussions about the nature of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese Communist Party, and key issues in U.S.-China relations.

Take a look at previous featured speakers of The China Forum.

"America does have a responsibility to speak out, to highlight dissidents, to call out human rights abuse, to identify, isolate, and shame tyrants."

- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

"The Holocaust Memorial Museum has determined that there is a reasonable basis to believe that the government of China is committing crimes against humanity. It is long past time for companies all over the world to reassess their operations and supply chains and find alternatives that do not exploit the labor and violate the human rights of the Uyghur people."

-Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA), Chair, Congressional-Executive Commission on China

Greg Autry, Ph.D., Founding Director, Southern California Commercial Spaceflight Initiative

Kyle Bass, Founder and CIO, Hayman Capital Management

Bill Browder, Founder and CEO, Hermitage Capital Management

Frank Dikötter, Chair Professor of Humanities, University of Hong Kong

Leta Hong Fincher, Ph.D., Associate Research Scholar, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

Michael Forsythe, Reporter, The New York Times

Ursula Gauthier, Journalist, L'Obs

Chen Guangcheng, Chinese human rights activist

Wei Jingsheng, Chinese human rights activist

Anastasia Lin, Miss World Canada 2015, actress, & human rights activist

Dimon Liu, Writer, Broadcasting Board of Governors

Oriana Mastro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Security Studies, Georgetown University

Peter Mattis, Senior Advisor for Global Democratic Resilience, National Democratic Institute

Bradley J. Murg, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair, Department of International Relations, Paragon International University

Scott Pace, Ph.D., Executive Secretary, National Space Council

Roger Robinson, President and CEO, RWR Advisory Group

Josh Rogin, Columnist, The Washington Post

Robert Suettinger, Senior Advisor and Consultant, Stimson Center

Dan Tobin, China Studies Faculty, National Intelligence University

Adrian Zenz, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow in China Studies, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation